Thursday, December 10, 2009

Zappadan update

Picturebook: Visit Mock Paper Scissors, Iranianredneck, bildungblog, and illiterate Electorate.

A/V Club: Skippy the bush kangaroo has 'The Yellow Shark Overture', darkblack has 'The Yellow Snow Suite', Under the Lobsterscope has 'Strictly Genteel', Mikeb302000 has 'Sofa', Outside the Interzone has 'Peaches en Regalia', and Loud Mouth Soup with 'Montana'  

Like Dancing About Architecture shares Zappadan favorites.

Rawrahs certainly has the appropriate meme for the final 5% of the decade with 'Dumb All Over'.

Michael Hart at Urantian Sojourn gives two thumbs up to The Zappadan Diner in Imperial Beach.

Zen Comix has John Bolton, Sarah Creamcheese, the spirit of Richard Nixon, Glenn Beck and Linus all in the pumpkin patch awaiting the Barking Pumpkin.

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  1. yo Zappa-dude what about those tricky triplets and 16th notes in Blessed relief. You got the lead sheet right?

  2. Love Zappadan. I can't find thwe words to express how happy it makes me to see all my favorite bloggers on board with the wonderful music of Frank Zappa. As a young college student in the 70's, I was lucky enough to have urban friends who turned me on to Frank. Over the years I collected much vinyl. Now, I can't get any of my friends to listen, the curse of living in a conservative neighborhood - bless you FGAQ. P.S. Just posted "I am the Slime" at Thanks again!!