Wednesday, September 29, 2010

see you in hell

Say hi to Tea Party favorite Paul LePage. I'm sure, you'll be seeing this face a lot over the next 48 hours, and if he wins the governorship of Maine (he's currently leading), he's destined to be a FOX News favorite. Cause he's so colorful, and if you haven't learned but one thing from politics 2010, it's that America loves colorful.

Which means that he should have this race wrapped up after making this intriguing campaign pledge: "As your governor, you're gonna be seeing a lot of me on the front page saying 'Gov. LePage tells Obama to go to hell'."

I'm willing to wager that as we speak, this pledge is causing his campaign contributions to go through the roof, because not only does America love colorful, America loves a man with the courage to tell Obama to go to hell. Even those faint souls who might find this a little harsh are still going to love a man with a message, and Paul LePage has a message, the story of his rise to glory.

"We came from behind because we have a message. We have a message that says: One, we've had enough of the federal government. We've had enough. Two, we've had enough of the state government. And number three, government should be working for the people, not the people working for the government."

Closely examining this platform, I detect a certain inconsistency in the logic of LePage running for office, as well as a contradiction between the stated position of points one and two with point three. But then I'm a nitpicker, and I'm sure LePage would justifiably tell me to go to hell.


  1. This is my race and I am fighting this blatant asswipe.

    There is also a wild-card - independent Eliot Cutler who will siphon votes from LePage. The latest The Maine Poll, conducted for MaineToday Media by Critical Insights, had 30 percent of likely voters supporting Mitchell (D), compared to LePage at 29 percent. This represents a significant change in a race where LePage has consistently led polls by 12 or more percentage points. In Critical Insights’ last poll, released Sept. 19, LePage had 38 percent voter support and Mitchell had 25 percent. Cutler had 9%.

    I cannot wait to go to a LePage rally with my "Go To Hell Lepage" sign.

    Maine is not a conservative state.

    I do not see how LePage can possibly beat Libby Mitchell, a stalwart fixture in Maine politics for years.

  2. Just get out there and vote, G-man.

  3. Maine has survived equally bad elections. It will survive LePage should he win.

    Colorful just might be a relief from the CLEVER that's been inflicted for recent memory.

    Just once I'd like a forecast of adequate with a chance of competent.

  4. all of these carnival barkers have nothing to offer - we all know that - they are pure entertainment - and some like lepage will sneak through

    (hopefully not in Maine)

    then lets see how the teabaggers react when their peeps learn hard and fast that when in power - what can it do for ME and screw the people who got me here