Wednesday, October 12, 2011

picking on the girl

I would say that 9-9-9 isn't a jobs plan, it's a tax plan. And from my experience in Congress and also as a federal tax lawyer, the last thing that you would do is give Congress another  revenue stream. This would give Congress a sales tax, and a sales tax can lead to a value added tax. One thing that I would say is that when you take the 9-9-9 plan and you turn it upside down, the devil's in the details.
Why the hell would you want to turn my 9-9-9 plan upside down?
Oh my goodness, of course you wouldn't want to. Not even if it resulted in lower tax rates. That would be a plan for disaster.
My 9-9-9 plan is a plan for victory, not disaster. You don't even have a plan, Bachmann.
Well, not in so many words, no...
If I might venture a guess, Michele, would you perhaps turn Herman's plan upside down if you were trying to hasten the arrival of the Rapture?
I really don't think it's appropriate to discuss Christian theology with a moron.
Governor Romney and I are Mormons, Michele. You're the moron.
Oh my God. You too, Jon?
I've heard a lot of dumb statements during these debates, and God knows I've made my share of them, but I've got to tell you, Michele, that's the most ponderous thing I've heard yet.
Rick! You know how important numerology is in our religion...
Boy... And they call Mormons a cult.
As much as I'm enjoying our little conversation, I would suggest that it's unseemly for us all to gang up on one participant. Unless it's Mitt.
Thank you, Newt.
I just hope the American people don't judge us by the idiocy of one person.
It was a joke, okay? I had my briefing papers upside down and thought that would make a funny joke.
A joke? I don't get it...

Could we just get back to our discussion on the roll of the Federal Reserve in a reform economy?
Are you all right, Congresswoman Bachmann? Or does monetary policy freak you out as well?


  1. Well she's partially correct. Cain's not the only one with The Devvil, however-- they all are!--.So like the Number of the Beast should appear on all their foreheads, horns, Luciferic goatee ,etc. Cue Oz and the boys....AY AY AY

  2. Another great bit of morning laugh out loud recognition!

    Why aren't you carried everywhere?

    Your reporting is so a propos that it's prescient!


  3. Oh, that is hilarious! Came here via Crooks and Liars.

  4. Good piece, Mark. What I find most scary, though, is that Cain's 9-9-9 "plan" has actually been taken seriously but without fact-checking in some venues.

  5. It's just SO hard to choose among them. Maybe the GOP should run them all against Obama in 2012. But they really seem to hardly add up to a single good candidate. Is there a quorum of 7? Then the GOP could call them Team Lucky Seven; we could call them the Seven Dwarfs; the independents could show symptoms of food poisoning.

  6. These guys/gal are making your job way too easy! Hahaha

  7. Without straying too far from the original material you sure come up with a lot of funny. Please, Mark, just keep me laughing so I keep from crying!

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