Friday, March 13, 2009

Boehner Ridicules Post-Bubble Economy

House minority leader John Boehner moved quickly this afternoon to distance himself and his party from remarks made by President Obama, taking particular umbrage at his references to a post-bubble economy, where growth would be predicated by more than “just on an overheating housing market, or people maxing out their credit cards." Obama went on to say that his actions now are “putting in the pillars economically to deal with the short-term emergency to stabilize the economy and to put in the foundation for long-term economic growth."

"Fancy talk," Boehner told CNN, "happy talk. Quite frankly it makes me feel like weeping when I hear that sort of nonsense spewed out by the man who's supposed to be this country's leader. Hey, maybe we should call him Hercules because he's 'putting in the pillars of success'. Yes, President Hercules, heh heh. Except... if I remember my Old Testimony correctly, and I believe that I do, Hercules ended up pulling down the pillars of the temple and trapping all the Phoenicians under the rubble. Quite a parable you've handed us, President Hercules."

"Every time he goes in front of a camera he's busy talking the economy up with his foolish audience-tested optimistic twaddle. Don't talk down to the people, President Hercules. Man up and admit to the people you have totally trashed the economic miracle that once was the envy of the world. If we continue in this direction, before you know it this president will have us all cleaning out the stables of King Augeas."

"Today we heard this wild-eyed talk about a post-bubble economy. I've got new for the president, we're not so stupid that we don't know the meaning of the word bubble. We do, as in the tech bubble, the housing bubble, the banking bubble, we've seen them all pop, one by one, and now we're in a post-bubble economy and we don't like it, President Hercules. You've reduced the American people to tears. At least me, anyway."

Boehner later apologized for using the phrase 'President Hercules', after Sean Hannity said on his afternoon show that "the name will probably just go to Obama's socialist head."

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