Monday, May 4, 2009

American dreamboat

Former top-100 influential person Mitt Romney apologized late yesterday for the cruel offhand remarks he made Saturday about the relative unattractiveness of the Republican Party.

Speaking to CNN's John King about the latest Time Magazine fluff piece on this year's influential centenary, which did happen to include GOP leaders Sarah and Rush, Romney feigned ignorance, asking "But was that the issue on the most beautiful people or the most influential people? I'm not sure. If it's the most beautiful, I understand. We're not real cute."

Romney apologized profusely to the National Review, saying "I hope everyone realizes that I was making a little joke, because everyone knows that Sarah Palin is most certainly attractive in a matronly sort of way, and there is no doubt that she appeals to folks with mother issues, irregardless of their political beliefs. And as far as El Rushbo goes, I suppose that it would be pure political suicide for me to say anything other than that he is the best looking two-legged man on the planet. As for myself, I think I've answered my own question - Time's listing was definitely meant to be the most influential people, otherwise I would have absolutely been included."

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