Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thomas troubled by Supremes decision

"This is a sad day for America," said Justice Clarence Thomas, reflecting on a case in which the Supreme Court ruled against the forced strip search of a student suspected of hiding Ibuprofen. Thomas cast the one dissenting vote in the 8-1 decision.

"I'm used to being the odd man out, but I must say that I'm disappointed in my colleagues. When we say that a school administrator can't even make a thirteen year old girl show her booty, we are promoting a culture of carelessness. Kids ought to respect there elders. And the school did have a policy of zero tolerance for drugs. What's that? She might have had a headache? Well guess what. I've got a headache, and you don't hear me bellyaching."

"How do we know she didn't have drugs in those panties? How would anybody know if somebody didn't make her take them off? 'Take off those panties, Savana Redding. Uh huh, the little bra too. Now shake em, shake em like a Polaroid picture'. Those are words that any authority should be able to say to anyone in their charge, and I'm talking about the workplace as well as the schoolhouse. The supermarket, too, because we all pay the price for shoplifting, and you'd be surprised at some of the things that women are liable to stuff in their panties."

"My research shows that panties are the number one place for young girls to conceal contraband. So to say that the authorities were out of line in ordering this young girl to strip, that is utter foolishness. They made her drop her panties because there weren't any drugs in her backpack. Well, where were they? In her panties, of course. The fact that they weren't in her panties is irrelevant. She wouldn't have been the first teeny-bopper to have pills in her panties, and she won't be the last, because this decision effectively says to the young girls of the world 'Stick anything in your panties that you want, because we're not permitted by law to look there'. The fact is, we've just turned panties into no holds barred territory."

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  1. Clarence rented that movie once and the strip search of the high school girl went waaaay differently.