Thursday, July 23, 2009


pic from WearAGun

Screwed again! Now the liberals have taken away our second amendment right to drift aimlessly from state to state with a gun stuck down our pants. If we don't rise up and take our country back soon, there won't be anything left to take back, just a vast stinking shit-hole filled with skyscrapers and nail salons. And Taco Bells. I hate Taco Bells. You know who eats that shit? Mexicans and Mexican wannabes. And my ex-boyfriend Pablo who only convinced me he wasn't a Mexican by showing me a California driver's license.

Real Americans go out into the wilderness to hunt and kill their own food with their new boyfriend, and I ain't never seen a chimichanga out there in the wild. I don't think. Maybe I did, but it sure didn't look like something I would ever want to eat, so I just shot it. Well, I thought about shooting it, but it was mooing so loud that some guy in coveralls came out of this barn-type thing and chased me out of the wilderness. With a gun, god bless his worthless hide.

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