Sunday, August 16, 2009

End the Tyranny!

Yes! Dick Armey is now calling Medicare tyranny, and asked on Meet the Press ""Why do they not let people who don't want to be in, out?" Right on, Dick, and I think you've just proposed a fine solution to a number of problems, as well as shown the golden path to a public option for Health Care. All we have to do is provide the public option for whoever wants it and drop all talk of individual mandates. We should also drop all requirements for hospitals to provide emergency medical care to any Dick that happens to arrive without insurance, because what the hell, that's a form of tyranny too. Of course, once the public option goes into effect, it has to be able to compete in the marketplace, so forget about trying to sign up after something goes suddenly and terribly wrong. Can't be gaming the system, and you wouldn't want the rest of us footing your bills anyway, would you? Opt out of Medicare? Hell, yeah! But don't be so timid, buddy, opt out of Social Security as well. And if life ends up dealing you a bad hand, you can always beg for the kindness of strangers or die in the gutter, the way the Founding Fathers intended you to.


  1. Nice.

    But not the golden path I was envisioning.

    heh heh

    And he can opt out of using Medicare and Social Security all by himself as sooo many liberals do who have the money not to milk the public goat.

    But I'm talking about an honorable course for this Dick, and who could believe he would choose that?

    After he and his wife screwing the pooch for us all on our finances; but who can remember to ask him those kinds of pertinent questions when he goes on the TVVVVVV?

    Thanks for your wisdom!


  2. My eyes first caught the name "Dick Armey" and then I misread the post's title as "End the Tranny," and though, well, duuuh....