Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Just a little story here which is starting to bubble up from the Nut Roots, one that I'm betting might make it to the big time before long. It's got all the ingredients: National Health Care, FEMA concentration camps, Fascism, and even aborted fetuses. You can call it 'The Plot to Inoculate America'.

Conservatives are warning of mandatory Swine Flu vaccinations planned by the Obama administration as part of an effort to "drag Americans kicking and screaming" into the hell of socialized medicine.

According to the Vaccine Resistance Movement, the choices facing us are stark. "Either we confront this fraudulent corruption of justice or else bend over backwards and likely die before our time."

There can be little doubt that the vaccine, even if it doesn't kill you, will at the very least strike a damning blow to your karma - just look at what's in it. "Aborted baby fetal tissue. Adjuvant Chemical MFJ9 used in the Anthrax vaccine given out to soldiers in Iraq. Insect parts." And the most insidious of all possible ingredients "Kidney parts taken from Cocker Spaniel dogs".

Oh no, not chemical MFJ9! But what can you do? "Obama's Dep't of Health rhetoric has recently threatened fines of upwards of $200,000 for anyone refusing the inoculation. Apparently you will be visited door-to-door by a facilitator & police to ensure you take the shot. Quarantines, arrests, Fema detention, massive fines, firings, all to be expected."

Door to door shot thugs, probably all on the ACORN payroll. And the sad thing is, if you haven't already voluntarily received your flu shot, after they hold you down and give you that potentially lethal injection, they'll probably throw you in one of those FEMA concentration camps anyway.


  1. I have a feeling that were such "enforcement patrols" to stop by my house, I'd already being doing shots!

    (If only to forget just how shallow the gene pool gets.)

  2. Did you know that TeamSarah is now soliciting contributions so that they can annoy Harry Reid with demands for "unborn health care"?

    Clearly the left is behind the curve yet again. I have not heard anyone making demands for health care for the undead. Someone's not doing their job.