Friday, November 6, 2009


"Is it just me, Norm, or are things starting to get weird?"

"You passed weird years ago, Cliff, back when you started playing a piggy bank in those Toy Story movies."

"It's good work, those animation gigs. You don't even have to wear pants. And at least I'm getting regular jobs, unlike some people I could mention.."

"Hey, I'm still getting gigs, I'm still in demand. I just finished up a new Disney film called 'Santa Buddies'."

"Uh huh, straight to DVD, my friend. And you played?"

"Santa Clause. It's a meaty role."

"Right, right. And before that you were Santa in the Colbert Christmas special, and let's see, Santa in the Larry the Cable Guy Christmas special, and what's that movie you did a couple of years ago? Oh yeah, 'Santa Baby'. You're starting to get a little bit typecast, old buddy."

"It's my niche, Cliff, like you with the cartoons."

"Not any more, my friend. Take a look at this paper."

"Kelsey Grammer. Now there's a guy who doesn't have any problem getting work."

"Yeah, but behind him there, that's me and John Voight, and the guy with his hand on my shoulder is Tim Pawlenty."

"Tim Pawlenty? What's he been in?"

"He's been in office, my friend, the Governor of Minneapolis."

"Minneapolis is a town, Cliff. It's in a state I like to call Minnesota. And if I'm not mistaken, their last governor was a wrestler. So what's the big deal?"

"The big deal, Norm, is that he just might be the next president of the United States. And if I play my cards right, he could be my ticket out of the cartoons."

"How's that, Cliff?"

"I'm thinking about running for office myself, as Senator from Connecticut. You know the Republicans are looking for star power... that's why guys like me and Kelsey are making our move now."

"Senator Cliff Clavin? That's pretty rich. So give me two good reasons why I'd sell my vote to you."

"Number one, I'd be running for Joe Lieberman's seat."

"You've got my interest now..."

"And number two, I'll buy you a beer."



  1. Good enough for me, I guess.


    "And number two, I'll buy you a beer."