Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Joe damns Joe on Joe

That's just fun to write, you know?

And by my count, the name Joe was uttered fourteen times in two minutes as Joe Biden was interviewed by Joe Scarborough about Joe Lieberman on 'Morning Joe'. Biden, btw, was flanked by a steaming cup of joe.

Needless to say, the topic of health care arose and the words "Say it ain't so Joe" were spoken.

Although civility required Joe (the Veep) to defend Joe (the Asshole) as a great guy, Joe (the Pundit) was able to get Joe (the Pleasant) to say of Joe (the Insufferable) "Any Democrat who decides for their own shallow purposes, if that were the case, to scuttle this is not going to have a friend in the Lord."


  1. This makes my jo-jo hurt, and I want retribution from all the ignorant Joes we must endure.

  2. Geeze... still laughing hysterically... hard to spell.. How many "Joes" per square inch are they allowed by law?? Hmmm? Oh - and more Frank at www.Salmonalley2009.blogspot.com

    Lemme know what you think.. -g