Wednesday, February 9, 2011

unpromising reads

Okay, judging the book by it's cover, this doesn't look much like the sort of 'high-wire allegory' that would be 'equal parts breakneck thriller and gradual descent into madness'. An old guy leaning on a horse fence at his mountain farm reminiscing about days gone by, maybe?
From the product description we see that in fact this is a book that asks - and probably answers - the burning question "What would happen if Donald Rumsfeld, former defense secretary and architect of the war on terror, was abducted at night from his Maryland home, held without charges in his own prison system, denied a trial, and kept in a place where no one could find him, beyond the reach of the law?" I'm guessing Rummy would be pissed, but nevertheless would maintain a philosophical attitude. Pass.

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  1. "begs" the question.



    Irony-laden word ver?