Monday, June 27, 2011

Bachmann finally in

Michele Bachmann formally announced the kickoff of her presidential campaign today in Iowa, home of the first nominating caucus and a state where she is currently tied with Mitt Romney as the frontrunner. Telling the people in her childhood home town of Waterloo that she could and would win the nomination and make Obama a one-term president, she proceeded to further endear herself to the crowd by comparing herself to the Iowa state symbol, the three legged stool.
"I am here in Waterloo, Iowa to announce today," Bachmann said, keeping the attendees in suspense just a little bit longer. "We can win in 2012 and we will. Yes we can. Hey, you won't be hearing those words for much longer, which is why today I'm unveiling my new campaign motto, yes we will! Say it with me everybody - Yes we will! Yes we will!"

"Our voice has been growing louder and stronger and ever more frightening. And it is made up of Americans from all walks of life, just like a three-legged stool. Although I must make it clear that the American people, much like myself, are not made out of wood and will not splinter. It's the peace through strength Republicans, and I'm one of them and that's the first leg, it's fiscal conservatives, and I'm one of them and that's the second leg, and it's social conservatives, and I'm one of them and that's the third. It's the Tea Party movement and I'm one of them and that's the... I'm like a three legged stool with four legs! Yes we will!"

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