Sunday, March 22, 2009

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Hey, he might be Majority Leader of the Senate, but Harry Reid has his own constituency to worry about too. So just because Nevada Senator Reid helped shepherd the current Stimulus Package into law, that doesn't mean there aren't parts of it that give him angina, such as the "nonsensical" regulations which bar stimulus recipients from holding events in casinos. That's crazy.

Which is exactly what Reid tells President Obama in a 'public letter' describing this wacky prohibition. (A 'public letter' is an op-ed that all of the name papers turn down).

For example "The Department of Justice-Office on Violence Against Women's Transition Housing Assistance Program (oh for heaven's sake, just call it DOJOVAWTHAP and be done with it) offers funding to provide victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking supportive services such as short-term housing assistance."

I'll bet you can guess what comes next. "In many Nevada rural communities the only hotel rooms available are in casinos." Bingo! Now I've never been to Vegas and I've only driven through Nevada, so I can't say with 100% certainty that Reid is full of crap, but I just googled Holiday Inns near Vegas and found 18 of em, along with 15 La Quintas, and I'm willing to bet there are some Red Roof Inns as well, and I'm willing to double down on my bet that they don't advertise 'Come on in, we'll keep a table open for you'.

And one more thing, "The overly broad restriction deprives victims of a safe place away from their attackers," yeah, that thing, maybe you've got a point there, cause I can't think of any place safer to protect a woman from a mad dog spouse than inside of a Vegas casino.

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