Friday, April 10, 2009

stain on the road still there

Abhorrent toady Karl Rove, recipient of the FOX News honorary Free Job award, was given a gift certificate to Ruth's Criss Steak House yesterday in appreciation of his contribution to civil discourse after calling Vice President Joe Biden a liar and a blowhard. Rove, who knows quite a bit about blowing hard, went on to amuse anyone with a sense of irony (i.e. anyone not watching FOX News) with his statement that "You should not exaggerate and lie like this when you are the vice president of the United States.”

Roves remarks came in response to Biden's claim that he once made a cutting remark to former President Bush, an assertion that Rove states is 'a virtual impossibility'.

"I had my lips firmly attached to the president's posterior for many a year," said Rove, "so believe me, if Biden had dared to insult George Bush, I would have been the first to know. Believe me, the man is a reprehensible liebag, unfit to be sitting in Dick Cheney's sacred seat."

Admitting that he sometimes exaggerates 'for the sake of the story', Biden responded that his smackdown of Bush occurred after Rove's departure in August of 2007, but "before Turd Blossom had attached his still quivering lips to the glass teat of FOX. And do you know what? Maybe George Bush didn't love this little miscreant so much that he felt the need to keep him informed about every little thing that happened to him."

Chatting this morning with Steve Doocy on 'FOX and Friends', Rove said that Biden's explanation was "beyond the realm of possibility. I stand by my statement, and now wish to add to my list of charges the fact that Joe Biden is a feelings-hurter. And he has a really fat ass."

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