Friday, April 17, 2009

Tell Texas they'll have to go

Governor Rick Perry was the one who brought up the possibility of his state leaving the Union (opening up the possibility of him becoming the first King of Texas), but it's up to YOU to make it a reality. It's time to show the Lone Star State the door.

Rasmussen today publishes the results of a new poll asking Texans whether or not they'd like to call it a day with the USA. While 31% say they have the right to secede, only 18% say they would definitely vote to do so.

Obviously this poll is fatally flawed, as they limited their query to a small minority special interest group - Texans. Much more representative is the on-line poll at HuffPo which is open to everyone, where as of 10AM EST, 54% are willing to give them a big ole longhorn sendoff.

Please cast your vote today and tell Texas to hit the road. Not only will America have a lot less border to protect*, we'll be finished once and for all with hearing about their insufferable Cowboys ('America's Team' no longer!). And we've already got a perfectly good 49 star flag in storage.

*Of course there's always the possibility that we may have to guard our border against illegal Texan immigrants, but no pain no gain.


  1. If Texas secedes, maybe I could become a foreign correspondent for FGAQ.

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