Monday, May 18, 2009

Secret location revealed - again

FOX News is running with a super-hot story today about how Joe Biden has revealed the super-secret location of The Bunker, you know, the one where Cheney would go whenever he was in an 'undisclosed location'.

"How could he give away such important information, Byron?" America's Newsroom anchor asks FOX Chief political analyst Byron York. Byron is not amused with Joe, and goes on to compare the revelation with the Valerie Plame scandal. Furthermore, postulates the anchor, since Biden revealed the super-secret location, "another one will have to be built, presumably, right?" You betcha, since the cover for this one was blown, replies Byron.

First, since when did FOX News believe that the outing of Valerie Plame was an important intelligence scandal?

Second, why is FOX advocating the building of a new bunker, when it's obvious that Vice President Blabbermouth should be punished by having to use the 'disclosed location'?

And third, how about a little respect, FOX? I disclosed that the secret bunker was at the Vice President's pad at the Naval Observatory way back in December 2002, before I could even spell the word blog. (Archive copy here). I swear, Alan Keyes isn't the only one who can't get arrested in this town.

(BTW, does anybody know if I'm past the statute of limitations for revealing State Secrets?)

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  1. good one, you prescient bastard. is it statute or statue? so dick the cheney hid in the basement, wonder what the porn was like down there. you know, beyond the obvious torture tapes; I bet you a zillion $ he saved copies for his personel stash.