Saturday, May 23, 2009


The President and the Confederacy

As an Aristocrat, I love me some free speech, and so I applaud the WaPo for running the above incredibly stupid op-ed by Kirk Savage (real name: Kirk Savage) on the question, which I know you all are feverishly debating out there, of whether President Obama should or should not send a wreath of flowers to 'Arlington's Confederate Memorial'.

Will the first African American to occupy our highest office honor the soldiers of a short-lived, breakaway nation formed for the express purpose of preserving the institution of black slavery on this continent?

Hell yeah, because it wouldn't be the very stupidest thing that any US president has ever done.

Some argue that we cannot honor the soldiers of every cause, that we have to draw a line somewhere. Many agree that Ronald Reagan stepped over that line when he visited Bitburg in 1985 and laid a wreath at a German military cemetery near the graves of Nazi SS soldiers.

So the man who honorably served as the nation's first zombie ever to be elected president* gave us yet another gift - the line which cannot be stepped across. Cool. We'll stay on our side. But why draw that line any tighter? After all, as Rush reminded us last summer, Obama doesn't have any slave blood, so what the fuck should it matter to him? Come on, Barrack...

President Obama, why not send two wreaths? One to the Confederate Memorial in Arlington Cemetery and another to the African American Civil War Memorial in the District, which commemorates the 200,000 black soldiers who fought for liberation from slavery in the Union armed forces.

And maybe a third wreath for Timothy McVeigh, because history is long. We'll all be dead.

*also inspiring The Ramones to write their only political song.

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