Sunday, June 7, 2009

Clinton remarks receive mixed reaction

North Korea reacted strongly a couple of time today after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's contention that the starving nation might be placed back on the highly exclusive listing of terrorist enablers. Speaking earlier on 'This Week With Stephanopoulos', she noted the even though President Bush had revoked their membership, the Obama administration would be taking a look at reinstating them on the List O' Shame.

"Obviously, they were taken off of the list for a purpose, and that purpose is being thwarted by their actions,” Clinton said. Kim Jong-Un, North Korea's young dictator-in-waiting, took the opportunity to issue his first official pronouncement.

"This is quite a great day for North Korea," Jong-Un told the DRNK Central News Agency. "To be placed on such an elite list is quite a special honor, and we applaud the United States for this eloquent effort to appease us. It's such a thrill to join our esteemed colleagues like Sudan, Iran, and Syria, even Cuba, although they've gotten a bit soft the past couple of decades, but what the heck, we're just proud to be part of the club."

Less than sixty minutes later, still-acting-dictator Kim Jong-il appeared live via broadcast from Kwangmyongsong-2, North Korea's imaginary satellite, in which he put a markedly different spin on Secretary Clinton's statement.

"Do not risten to the foorish words of my brainress son, who should not be tarking to the press without my authorization. He fayrs to understand the sort of devirs with which he is dearing, and he apparentry has not the srightest idea of what the Rist O' Shame is. Hirrary Crinton in a mortar enemy of the North Korean peoper, as is the entire criminar Obama administration. I warn the American peoper that if their reckress government dares to put us back on their ridicurous terrorist rist, we wirr meet that action with pitiress retribution, and unreash a riving herr such as you can barery begin to imagine. And as for Kim Jong-Un, who wirr one day be the Beroved Reader, he's got a rot of expraining to do."

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  1. If anyone knows what a riving herr is, it's the North Koreans. Gud ruck, frukkers.