Monday, June 8, 2009

North Korea cries foul

A rare protest broke out in Pyongyang today following the conviction of two American journalists. Television reporters Laura Ling and Euna Lee were found guilty of unspecified 'hostile acts' and illegally crossing the North Korea boarder, and sentenced to twelve years in a labor camp.

As many as seventeen protestors gathered in front of the shuttered Pyongyang Tourism Center before heavily armed soldiers arrived and proceeded to beat their heads in. In spite of the starving demonstrators plaintive pleas, none of them were arrested and sentenced to labor camp, which many consider to have been the dissidents primary goal.

"It's just not fair," said sympathizer Kim Lonn, whose head was bashed in shortly after speaking. "At the labor camps, it is said that the prisoners eat each and every day, while the ordinary citizens of North Korea consider it great fortune to get two bowls of rice a week. And to call these glorified day spas labor camps is a cruel joke. We see these so-called prisoners 'working' on the streets of Pyongyang - one will be filling a pothole while seven or eight others watch and smoke government cigarettes. And then they get to knock off for the day when the sun sets. I tell you, it makes my heart ache to see these foreigners in their fancy prison garb treated to a glamorous lifestyle far out of the reach of the average Korean worker."

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