Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mahmoud asks for calm

What's this? My opponents shout protests from the rooftops? And that is newsworthy, because of what? Oh my, perhaps I should remind the world what very fine rooftops we have in modern Iran... They are not at all like American rooftops which are inexplicably slanted downwards, rendering the entire prospect of shouting protests from them a precarious task at best. I've seen it on the CNN television network - an American begins to protest, perhaps shouting 'Death to the infidels', and the very next moment they are tumbling ass over head until their inevitable fall to the gutter. It is quite amusing to observe, although one can not avoid the feeling of empathy that ensues.

Our rooftops, by contrast, are nice and flat, the perfect setting for a lovely white wrought iron table (black gets far too hot during our undeniably warm sunny season) and a couple of comfortable and fashionable canvas chairs of the type that can be found at Debenhams (not Jews) for popular prices which most Iranians can easily afford.

So, shout away, Iranian protestors, because you are momentarily free to do so. Your cries are much like the passions expressed after a soccer match, not unlike the ones that shall soon be heard from the undefeated South Koreans when we whip their overrated team like a red-headed stepchild.

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