Thursday, July 9, 2009

something new under the sun

House Republicans today accused CIA Director Leon Panetta of misleading Congress by indicating that the CIA had mislead Congress from 2001 until earlier this year.

"This is politics at its basest level," said Peter Hoekstra, ranking GOP member of the House Intelligence Committee. "I guess we're all supposed to believe that under George Bush we got hoodwinked but now in the shining light of the architect of the new depression, we're getting the unvarnished truth. Where are the jobs, Mr Panetta, do you have any intelligence about that? Not that I'd believe anything you said anyway."

"Somebody smite me," said GOP Whip Eric Cantor. "The CIA is in the truth telling business, and to indicate that somehow, someway, they decided to set aside their best practices while George Bush was in office, that just boggles the mind. Where are the jobs? This looks to me like an attempt to give aid and comfort to Nancy Pelosi and her Socialist hordes."

"Never in it's history has the CIA tried to mislead Congress," said Minority Leader Boehner. "Never, that is, before Barack Obama came into office. Now I guess I should have been psychologically prepared for Obama's lackey to lie about lying in an attempt to tarnish George W Bush, but I've got to say that this is the greatest fabrication I have seen since I’ve been in Congress. Although not as big as the one I expect to hear from the president when I ask him where those jobs are."

"Shreeeeee! Shreeee glack bulghum," exclaimed resident loony Michele Bachman. "Fragulka snnug jobs? Now innnnfiltrate unmercan CIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

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