Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ford premiers new ad campaign

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Meet the Joneses.

Frannie, Bob, and little Timmy. Perhaps you've already inadvertently met them. After all, they do live in your neighborhood.

Down at the end of the street in the dilapidated split-level where their beloved beagles Homer and Jethro, tied to a stake in the discolored lawn, serenade neighbors from dusk untill dawn. The only homeowners to hold out when your comfortable Spring Gardens development was built. The Joneses wouldn't sell for a cool quarter million, even though their aging home wasn't worth half that much.

Since their picnic table collapsed and now rots away in the yard, the Joneses eat their cold sandwiches on a blanket on the ground, glaring at anyone who passes them on the street.

Frannie works at Big Lots, or so you've heard, and Bob, well, who knows what Bob does? Other than slowly drive by your home at least ten times a day.

Because, you see, Bob and Frannie have something that you don't have. A brand new automobile.

Last Thursday Bob and Frannie took their rusted out pink Chevy down to their local Ford dealer and emerged with a sparkling new 2010 Ford Focus. The government gave them $3500 for their old jalopy, and we gave them the hottest new car in America. With 24 mpg city and 35 mpg highway, they can afford to cruise by your home all day long.

Maybe, unlike Bob and Frannie, you don't have a clunker to trade in. But you still have one thing - your pride.

In today's fast paced world, it's more important than ever to not just keep up with the Joneses but to make them eat your dust. And when you come in to your local Ford dealer, we can show you a wide array of quality new vehicles that are vastly more impressive than the stripped down Focus we sold to the Joneses.

So come in today.
Wipe that smug look off the Joneses face.

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