Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mobs angry about being called angry mobs

The National Association of Disgruntled Americans today released a statement condemning the growing use of the derogatory phrase 'angry mobs' to describe their members.

"The Nazis in the mainstream media are always trying to paint us in a negative light," said NADA spokesman Elmer Frank. "They'd like to trample all over our God-given first amendment rights of free assembly, free speech and freedom to mix our metaphors. Well I've got some news to report to all the brownshirts in their blue suits; we can gather anywhere we want as long as we pay the cover charge. And we can yell anything we want to say as along as it's not one of the seven dirty words listed in the Constitution."

"It makes me so furious that I can hear smoke coming out of my ears," fumes Frank. "Obama is spending taxpayer money to buy cupcakes for an old Arab media hag and they call us angry mobs. I'd like to take a hardball and squish it right into Chris Mathews face like a grapefruit. You know who Chris Mathews is, don't you? A mainstream media guy, that's what. I heard about him on Hannity, he was blubbering around like a whale and calling NADA members an unruly mob. See, they can't even keep their talking points straight. One moment we're angry and the next time we're unruly."

"Let's spend a few minutes to talk about the liberals for a second. They're the ones who are an angry mob, because they can't stand to hear the truth when it hits them in the face. We're out there trying to save our country from the extremists who have taken over the government and they're trying to come up with ways to disrupt us into silence. And the truth is you can't have a meaningful dialogue without breaking a few eggs, so you can just forget about having your cake and letting them eat it. Like Barry Goldfinger once said, extremism in the defense of liberty is so nice, and modulation in the pursuit of justice is no problem."

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