Thursday, August 27, 2009

Joe Jackson livid

Joe Jackson, aging patriarch of America's most famous family, is proclaiming disgust with "the media orgy of over the top coverage for some Senator who wasn't even the King of Pop."

"Ted Kennedy wasn't the King of Anything," groused the cranky old tyrant. "Wasn't the King of Swing, wasn't the King of the Senate as far as I can tell, even though some of these so-called news folks make it sound like he was. Wasn't even King of the Kennedy's - that was Papa Joe Kennedy, of course. Papa Joe, just like me. And just like me, he wasn't the most famous Jackson, I mean Kennedy, but it was from his loins that all those other's sprang - John Fitzgerald, Bobby, Tito, and Teddy. And as far as I can tell, Teddy was just an afterthought, much like my youngest Janet. I mean, she's a pretty girl and all, but she was always quite disrespectful to her manager."

"Anyway, I turn on my TV last night, and there ain't nothing on but Teddy Kennedy. Ted Kennedy this and Ted Kennedy that, and all this coverage for a man who never even had a hit record. Same thing this morning, right up until 'The Price is Right'. The media is totally obsessed with him. And what about my boy? Poor Michael ain't even in the ground yet, and already the TV is talking about covering this Kennedy funeral. I'm telling you straight up, it just ain't right."

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