Thursday, August 27, 2009

Taliban yanking our chain

In today's war news, courtesy of the NYT, we learn that the Afghan military (with plenty of American help, of course, but we like to list the Afghans up top in order to help build their morale) raided a medical clinic in the Sar Hawza district yesterday, and captured a Taliban commander who was wounded in last weeks elections. Hopefully someone threatened with the loss of a purple fingertip decided to use it as a poking implement.

Anyway, Commander Mullah Muslim... hey, wait a second, isn't that one of those joke names, like Major Mel Function or Captain Ben Dover? Mullah Muslim, my ass.

I can just see the Afghan soldiers trying to keep a straight face as they tell the Americans they've just captured Commander Mullah Muslim. Duplicitous bastards, and now they're developing a sense of humor. I think it's time for us to go...

Our next high value capture?

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