Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Senate Democrats, sharing a birthday lunch today with President Obama, got a special treat along with their dessert - their own high quality print of the Obama/Joker poster which has been popping up on walls in Los Angeles for the past couple days.

"I'm having it framed," said Senator Dick Durbin, who asked for the president's autograph on his print. "This is a really fun poster that would go great in my rec room. We all laughed like hyenas when the president showed it to us and asked 'How do you like me now?' What a joker."

"Michelle gave it to me last night, and I put in a rush order to have these printed," said the birthday boy. "I always wondered what I'd look like in whiteface, and I've got to say - not too shabby."

"What I like most," Obama continued, "is that in the movie, the Joker is the interesting one, not Batman. Sure, the Joker is a little chaotic, but he gets things done. Batman, on the other hand, is a deranged fascist who only pretends to be fighting for truth and justice. He's just not a fun character at all. I mean, which one of those guys would you rather have a beer with? No contest, commissioner Boehner."

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