Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Daddy, daddy, can we please go to the chicken museum?

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Because America is asking for it and they always aim to please, PETA is petitioning Virginia Governor Tim Kaine for permission to rent part of a state prison facility scheduled for closure for the purpose of creating the nation's first Chicken Empathy Museum and Restaurant.

The diner would serve "delicious faux-chicken drumsticks and chickenless pot pie" (and real mashed potatoes!), and include a gift shop that featured "plush chickens for kids, with tags reading, 'I Am Not a Nugget!'." The non-edible part of the museum would have "interactive displays, including one in which visitors have weighted backpacks strapped to their backs to simulate how large chickens' upper bodies can grow in proportion to their legs."

Boy howdy! Finally some real culture in my neck of the woods!

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  1. 'Round these parts, it's only a couple hours drive to the Spam museum. Take THAT, PETA!

    But seriously, I could empathize with being one of many, having only a few people say outright they like you, and striving for a very long shelf life.