Sunday, September 13, 2009

fresh new outrage

In a exceptionally ponderous protest estimated to have been attended by at least two million supporters of Lyndon LaRouche, a fresh new graphic outrage assaulted the eyeballs of a nation already weary from having to work two jobs and still be expected to take out the trash.

Right-wingers officially went way too far when they paraded outside the Capitol carrying posters of Barack Obama made up to look like Adolph Joker Hitler.

"Adolph Joker Hitler is the most hated person of the twentieth century," said Brad Halford, one of the anti-protest protestors offended by the admittedly brilliant iconic image. "And even though this is technically the twenty-first century, many of us were alive during the twentieth. Our memories are long, that's what I'm saying, and we are totally unamused by the depiction of our president as Adolph Joker Obama."

"I thought they were pretty amusing," said Melissa Halford, contradicting her husband as usual. "Adolph Joker Obama, that's so stupid, but stupid-funny. And the most hated person of the twentieth century was Yoko Ono."

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