Saturday, September 12, 2009

the Wilson effect

A number of House Republicans who had harshly accused South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson of rude behavior after his outburst at a televised Presidential address to Congress are having second thoughts after the revelation that Wilson has received over $750,000 in campaign donations in the first 48 house since shouting "you lie!" at Obama.

"Two words, six letters, three quarters of a mil, you've got to be impressed by figures like that," said Texas Congressman Pete Sessions, who plans on seeking out his own opportunity to shout at the President. "There is a heck of a lot of planning involved involved. You've got to be in the general vicinity of the president, for one thing. Else you just come off like some sort of lunatic. And there's got to be TV coverage. What's that saying - if a tree falls in the forest, nobody hears it."

Virginia congressman Bob Goodlatte has already called dibs on the next 'State of the Union' address, where he plans on shouting "you suck" at Obama. "Is it clever?" he asks rhetorically. "You have to put it in context of a televised address to Congress for it to be relevant. At that point, you've got the element of surprise."

When told that it would probably surprise no one if a backwoods Birther-movement congressman was to make such a shout at the SOTU address, Goodlatte scratched his head and said "You're right. Maybe I'll just go with my first instinct and shout 'Nigger nigger nigger'."

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