Sunday, December 13, 2009

The new, uh, face of the Republican Party.

Meet Scott 'Bobby' Brown, GOP candidate for Ted Kennedy's vacant Senate seat. Scott is a family law attorney who has been a Massachusetts state senator since 2004. He's opposed to health care reform, for national security, and he's running on a platform of 'no new taxes'.

Brown may be glamorous enough to win it all. Not only is he a former Cosmo centerfold, but he has a daughter who's been on the very glamorous 'American Idol', and is married to Gail Huff, who is a glamorous WCVB-TV reporter and once made a video with the glamorous new wave combo Digney Fignus. (Here she is now, as 'The Girl With the Curious Hand').

Look out Massachusetts, because as Brown says, "I live every day like it's my last - especially when JFK Jr. passed away and Princess Di. They are powerful, handsome, rich people and they can't make a difference. But I still can."

That's some heavy-duty name dropping, Mr Brown, but you're absolutely right. They can't make a difference, but you can, because you're still alive! And that's an important pre-requisite for any senate race! See you under the rotunda!


  1. Bobby Brown Goes Down... perfect choice for a Republican Voice...

    I almost picked it for my site today... glad I didn't duplicate your selection.

    Under The LobsterScope

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  3. Most Excellent!! - Repugs theme song for 2010?

  4. Looks like Freddy got his entire wanger, lookin' at the centerfold....

  5. IR, his friendly little finger covers it, nuff said.