Sunday, December 13, 2009

Zappadan update

Welcome to Brilliant at Breakfast, Pushing Rope, and Coyote Banjo.

A/V Club: Outside the Interzone has 'Zoot Allures/Trouble Every Day' (NYC)', Ketchup is a Vegetable has The Monkees, From Laurel Street has Watermelon in Easter Hay (Barcelona)', Under the Lobsterscope has 'Jesus Thinks You're a Jerk', The Jade Gate has 'Punky's Whips' (ZPZ), Salmon Alley has 'The Illinois Enema Bandit' (NYC), Skippy the bush kangaroo has Zappa on Crossfire, and The Brain Police has Dental Hygiene Dilemma.

Ephemera: Bildungblog has Signs & Wonders, Mock Paper Scissors has The Quotable Frank Zappa

"Suppose for a moment, we were all muffins..." Satia, at Urantian Sojourn, explains Zappadan better than I ever could. (Clue: It's not all about the little green rosetta).

Does this sort of life look interesting to you? Mr. Dugan at Zen Comix offers 'Lead Free Comix', a short Zappadan strip coupled with a real time video of him drawing it. Love it or hate it, I love it.

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