Saturday, December 5, 2009

Zappadan, day 2 roundup

So sorry about not being a more active presence this year, but the Zappiverse is doing fine without me. Welcome and Merry Zappadan to MF Blog, Outside the Interzone, Lost in the Ozone, filker tom, Jaundiced Eye, Rawrahs, ShortWoman, and the Zappa Community Journal.

Zappadan on Facebook!
Long term colleague and pal Blue Gal reminisces on Zappadans past, and hosts a classic Zappa foreign film.

Zen's first Zappadan miracle, sadly unaccredited to his space yesterday, and also too, grab his link button.

Mad Dog Media has a miracle too!
The most mournful song in the Zappa canon from Tiny Little Circles.

Crooks and Liars, proud Zappadan supporters from the very beginning, feature the obscure 1962 title track from 'The World's Greatest Sinner'.

Mock Paper Scissors uncovers a delightfully prim Moon Unit video, requiring me for the first time ever to use prim in a sentence.

Hi Dweezil!

Zappadan Twitter Captain Bonk from Ketchup is a Vegetable keeps em coming, as do the lovely and talented Urantian Sojourn, photomeister bildungblog, and the ultra-mysterious darkblack.


  1. hey Mark, a foreal Zappadan miracle. I've been looking for a tire and tube for my old bike for like a very long time and my workaround(long story) was just about ready ta blow. they quit using my size like forever ago and now the stores have all stopped stocking them. but what shows up at the thrift shop on Friday, a brand new tire and a brand new tube in my size. I said Wow! and then Wow again! ...also too the link at the top of still points to Aristocrats, I assume you want it to go here.

  2. For my report on Zappadan miracles, yesterday I had a fully functional 27 inch flatscreen TV given to me for free.
    Of course, I now have slime disposal issues, but still...

    "...the ultra-mysterious..."

    Yeah, that's Zaius alright.


  3. The miracles just keep rolling in!