Sunday, December 6, 2009

Zappadan, Day 3 roundup

Welcome to Freida Bee, Iranianredneck, After The Bridge, and I Painted My Fridge Red
A/V Club: Under the Lobsterscope features 'Planet of the Baritone Women', Outside the Interzone has Frank's French GE ad, Salmon Alley has 'The Torture Never Stops', darkblack has 'I Come From Nowhere'

A Modified Dog writes about Nap Time.

Bildungblog has small furry animals

And Urantian Sojourn covers the all-but-ignored-by-the- mainstream-media story of the GOP's special Zappadan celebration. (Love the accompanying photo).

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  1. Fell two days behind on Zappadan as the 4th is my sobriety birthday and my oncologist ran some stats by me that bummed me out....but onward and and upward.

    So I posted "Muffin Man" this evening!