Saturday, December 12, 2009

Zappadan update

Welcome to Day 9, the midpoint of our festivities.
Ephemera: I Painted My Fridge Red has words of wisdom, bildungblog has I don't know what the hell it is.

A/V Club: Mikeb302000 has 'I Have Been In You', Outside the Interzone has 'Joe's Garage/Why Does it Hurt When I Pee', Under the Lobsterscope has 'Son of Mr Green Genes', Uncommon Squalor and Ornery Bastard have 'Yellow Snow' (since we had that version on a previous update, I'm just going to link to their top), Loud Mouth Soup has 'Sofa' (ibid), The Brain Police has 'Welcome to America' (ibid), Salmon Alley has 'I Am The Slime', Wisdom of the West has Beefheart's 'Moody Liz', and Ketchup is a Vegetable has 'W-P-L-J' (Daryl Hall version!)

The ultramysterious darkblack dares to make the connection between FZ and a certain Reverend Dobbs. (Click pic for the full-size).

Michael Hart of Urantian Sojourn (the Poet Laureates of Zappadan), gets metaphysical with Frank taking on Church, State, Censorship, and Appliantology.

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