Sunday, January 24, 2010

because it's only a number...

Spirit - 1984

A blast from the past by a band writing about the Nixonian
present of 1970 as projected into the future by Orwell twenty
years earlier. Cooler than you drummer Ed Cassidy had already
been in the Navy for a stint at WWII by that time, and
later went on to play jazz with Roland Kirk and Thelonious Monk,
and blues with Taj Mahal and Ry Cooder; his stepson Randy Wolfe
(aka California) shared guitar duties with Jimi Hendrix in the Blue
Flames; and they had a bass player with perfect hair. Because of
it's 'stand up and fight' lyrics, this song was never allowed to be the
massive hit it should have been, but it still sounds pretty damn
snappy and relevant to this very day.

Please visit Alan Grayson's for info and
to sign the petition registering your disapproval of the Supreme
Court turning over the political system to our Corporate Overlords.


  1. 'Fresh Garbage' was one of the great tunes I heard on Dallas' first AOR, 'underground' FM station in 1968.

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