Thursday, February 18, 2010

I just flew in from New Orleans, and boy are my arms tired...

My first extended visit to the town, and I really loved it. Stayed
unplugged the entire time; no computin' power, doncha know,
the cellphone stayed switched off alone in the room, and my camera
remained packed except for a few hours on Fat Tuesday. No car, no
agenda, no news and politics, but plenty of music, booze, and food,
all with excellent visuals and Saints Saints Saints. Has any town ever
gloried in a victory like New Orleans or deserved it more?

I did set up a daily piece from the past with Blogger's fabulous
advance posting option, but seeing as how FGAQ is dead since
Saturday, I guess it only gives you one shot. And since I'm not
ready just quite yet to end this rare vacation, here's the piece
that should have appeared this morning.
From the enormous
it's Psycho Comix.

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  1. We're both channeling OJ today. Must be something in the water.