Thursday, March 4, 2010

PowerPoint: So easy a caveman can do it

Lest you think that the following is parody of a particularly silly nature, here is the link back to Politico, which broke the latest bizarre story on the very strange leadership of the Republican National Committee. My first thought was that the presentation was a hoax, but no, Michael Steel has already partially distanced himself from it (he doesn't believe it's proper to portray Obama as the Joker).

First, lets have some fun...

Does anyone around here know how to draw an Org Chart? Has anyone around here ever even seen an Org Chart?

What can you sell when you've already sold your soul? (Nice use of purple on blue, guys!)

There must be 50 ways to bribe your donor. Hard to read even at full size, but the subhead under Direct Marketing is 'Visceral Giving', with the bullets 'Fear', 'Extreme negative feelings towards Administration', and the very important 'Reactionary'. The subhead for Major Donors is 'Calculated Giving'.

And we wrap it all up with silliness galore. Okay, the Joker I can understand, and maybe Cruella DeVille, but does Scooby Doo really belong in the Evil Empire?

In memory of Jon Swift, RIP


  1. I can hear Jon laughing right now!

  2. Nice tribute, Mark. Scooby Snack for the soul.

  3. It's so lame as to be beyond parody.

  4. Oh, and it's nice that whoever did the chart had to learn a few new words.

    Wonder who taught them to him?