Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Taunters

In one of their rudest gestures to date, the Taliban has begun mocking President Barack Obama for visiting Afghanistan at nighttime unannounced, creating a situation that made it virtually impossible for them to attack and kill him.

"The Mujahideen have driven the enemy further into the corner, to the extent that he is now not able to visit Afghanistan in daylight," they posted on their official website, 'The Smoking Infidel', accompanied with a badly photoshopped picture of Obama's head grafted onto the body of a yellow-bellied jackal. "He comes during the night and hurries back in darkness, ironically acting like a thief. We apologize for the lack of further graphic representation, but unfortunately we found through an exhaustive Google search that most Thieves in the Night ironically look much like us."

The Taliban went on to announce that as of today, on their web site, they will feature Dankrias 'Taliban Dan' al-Sluvitz as their official taunter. "With Allah as my witness, no one can mock with the ferocity of Taliban Dan. Before long the entire Muslim world will know that your President Obama is the most cravenly coward America has produced since your President Bush. Take it away, Dan."

"Ha, ha! Greetings, frightened American infidels. Tell me, if you would, why did your President Obama cross the road? Because he is a chicken! Bada bing! I've got a multitude of them, and my mockery shall be merciless. We shall taunt you on the beaches, we shall taunt you in the fields and streets, and in the name of the Prophet, we shall never surrender. Or stop taunting."

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  1. And for how many months has Bin Laden been hiding in a cave? :D Talk about the pot calling the kettle...