Friday, July 9, 2010

Angle gets restraining order

Nevada senate hopeful Sharron Angle has been granted a temporary restraining order against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, as police try to confirm her claims that he was 'trying to hit the girl'.

"Right now we're sorting things out," said Sergeant Ben Hurley of the Reno police department. "Even though Ms. Angle is well past her girlish years, if the charges are true it would certainly be a low blow to Nevada politics. At first we thought she was saying that Senator Reid was trying to hit on the girl, but after talking to her for just a few moments, I'd have to say that's pretty damn unlikely."

Far from backing off the charges, Angle has ramped them up. Appearing this morning on a Los Vegas radio talk show, she went on to say that Reid had pulled her hair and made numerous attempts to look up her dress. She also claimed that he had shot her with a rubber band, but later backed off somewhat, saying that she had only seen him playing with a rubber band but had not seen him fire it.

"All I know is that it gave me an ouchie," Angle admitted, adding that the incident had so angered her that she destroyed the evidence by throwing the weapon into the bramble bushes.

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