Saturday, August 7, 2010

guess whose Birthday

People tell me that he's not real, but I don't believe them. Oh sure, sometimes I feign agreement, either to shunt off the conversation or perhaps to get closer insight into the mind of the skeptic. There's a sudden sadness to these people that makes you to shake them, an action which at times may prove unwise.

There he was this morning, bright and early. I never doubted. I've never heard him speak, though he does so through his smile. Just sets down the cake and goes, off in his black sedan, much like the Lone Ranger, but without the mask.

He showed up again this afternoon... The old gent is obviously getting a little addled from the years. I don't think he even remembered being here earlier. I would have tried to stop him, offer him a drink, but that seems to somehow breach the code.


  1. Happy Belated! Which you could say to me, or just about everyone, for that matter.

    But my belated is special.