Monday, August 23, 2010

Pat lashes out

Pat Robertson lashed out at the media this morning on the '700 Club' for what he called "gross negligence in the reporting of incendiary statements by America's religious leaders". Calling it a 'come to Jesus moment', he gave the media until Friday to apologize or face the prospect of being lashed again.

"I'm talking about the entire media, left, right, middle, broadcast, print, and social," Robertson told co-host Terry Ann Meeuwsen. "They've all been atwitter - even on Twitter, I understand - about some rather innocuous comments made by my lesser competitor Franklin Graham on Islam last Friday. Now in one sense, I understand this. Franklin did bring the President into the conversation, so I suppose that makes it news. But it is rather small potatoes in the larger scheme of things. I've been defaming Islam for years, unlike Reverend Johnny-come-lately Graham."

"On Thursday I explained right here on the '700 Club' the planned Muslim takeover of America, one city at a time. I gave as an example the small town of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, where they're going to be bringing in thousands and thousands of Muslims, taking over the city counsel, and creating ordinances mandating prayer five times a day and foot washing facilities in all public restrooms. Just imagine taking your family out for a meal at a nice restaurant, and when you go to wash your hands there's a strange bearded man with his feet in a tub. Unthinkable. I then went on to explain how resistance was practically futile, because of the Muslim plan to bring in thousands of dollars of Saudi money intended to bribe local politicians to sell out their citizens."

"And what was the reaction to my warning, Terry Ann? That's right, there was no reaction. None at all. Rush didn't mention me. Beck didn't mention me. Hannity didn't mention me, and quite frankly, you would have thought that would have been a gimme. I wasn't interviewed by any of the FOX shows, and I wasn't even mocked by any of the MSNBC shows. Did you see Olbermann's 'Worst People in the World' on Friday? You didn't see me, then. Not even a couple of words from the Daily Kos."

"That, my friends, is a media blackout. Franklin Graham made his bland comments on the Larry King show, which has an audience of what? Thirty thousand? Everybody heard about it, but when I revealed the truth to our seven million viewers, it was like that tree that falls in the forest. You know, the one that nobody hears. I'm starting to believe that perhaps the local politicians aren't the only ones on the receiving end of those Saudi bribes. I pray that I'm wrong, Terry Ann, but if I don't get some pretty heavy coverage from the news cycle by Friday, I'm going to lash out big time."

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  1. Terri Meeuwsen has risen from Wisconsin obscurity. Starting as a humble 1972 Miss Green Bay pageant winner through 1972 Miss Wisconsin, through Miss America in 1973, through an author and songstress period, all the way to co-host of the 700 Club. Only in America could she have ever gotten away with this so shamelessly!

  2. It's getting to the point that just plain crazy has become passe and now it's the Guinness Book of World Records or nothing.

  3. I heard that Terri has one of those Kim Kardashian type of videos out. Been looking but can't find it. Tired of holding my crank in my hand getting ready while I type with the other