Friday, September 3, 2010

AdWatch: 'No voice of her own'

Details of a new television ad from Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, set to begin airing Sunday, September 5:

TITLE: "No voice of her own"

LENGTH: 30 seconds.

PRODUCER: Simon Lavitagus.

AIRING: Statewide on cable networks, and media markets Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff, and Scottsdale.


[Scene: Woman cooking in brightly lit kitchen]

[Voiceover, low pitched male, unaccented]: Meet Scottsdale homemaker Rosemary Waters. Rosemary would like to say a few words about Governor Jan Brewer's campaign for re-election, but unfortunately she can't. You see, Rosemary is a headless torso. And somebody needs to speak out in her behalf. 

[Cut to Brewer]: "Law enforcement agencies have found bodies in the desert either buried or just lying out there that have been beheaded." [Freeze frame]

[Voiceover]: Rosemary Waters has already been silenced. Now some would like to cut off Jan Brewer's words as well.

[Cut to Democrat Terry Goddard]: "You need to stop scaring people by saying things that are untrue, that defame our state, like there are beheadings in the desert."

[Cut to kitchen. Rosemary drops bowl, drops to her knees and feels around for it in vain]

[Voiceover]: Scaring people? Perhaps if someone had bothered to scare Rosemary, she wouldn't have lost her head. On November 2nd, vote Jan Brewer for Governor.

[Black screen]

[Shouted voice over, Hispanic]: Voy a por ti hermosa dama! Me gustarĂ­a un poco la cabeza!


  1. Last line translation - "I'll get you pretty lady! I'd like a little head!"

    unused line: Terry Goddard. He even supports taxing decapitalized gains.

  2. Do they have a Decapitation Tax in Arizona?

  3. Heh

    ""Vote for Jan Brewer...or suffer the consequences (flash to decapitated bodies, and hispanic warlords.... Nosotros quieren tus cabezas, mujerzueltas!)""