Thursday, September 2, 2010

Our dwindling illegal resources

To the distress of scores of conservative politicians around the country, a new PEW study finds that the number of illegal immigrants stealthily crossing the U.S. border has fallen dramatically in the past decade, and in the past two years, has reached the lowest level that a lazy blogger can quickly google. 

The most recent declines are attributed to an economy that has grown so crappy that Americans are now taking jobs that only a migrant would want. The reason for the fall off from 2000 to 2007 is more difficult to pinpoint, but probably involves something really great that George W Bush did that no one could really appreciate until he was gone.

The Wall Street Journal, speaking with study leader Wayne Cornelius, describes the phenomenon with the type of insight that demonstrates they are truly worthy of their motto, 'The Truth in it's proper use'.
Mexicans currently pay about $3,000 to cross the U.S.-Mexico border, compared with $700 in the early 1990s. The cost for immigrants from Central and South America can top $10,000, which they usually pay in installments after getting jobs in the U.S.
"Because the return on their investment to gain access to the U.S. labor market now looks much less certain, many potential migrants are postponing journeys until the economy grows again," said Mr. Cornelius.
"The Wall Street Journal is full of shit," says Jimmy 'Tex' Hanson, who has been working the corridor south of Tucson since the mid 1990s. "First off, ain't nobody I know dumb enough to work on a goddamn installment plan. Coyotes gotta eat too, pardner. Right now if I could get me a truckload of them beaners, I'd bring em over for $500 a pop, no problem. That's a damn good return on investment for them. Problem is, some of these illegals today, they're too figgin lazy to come over here and take our jobs. That, and the fact that the Mexican coyotes are haulin em for as little as a couple of Benjamins. I can't afford to compete no more. It's more cost effective for me to just to run meth down to El Paso."

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