Monday, January 3, 2011

Meet Andy Martin

Here's a bit of interesting news that I missed during the holiday weekend (a good one, too. Happy New Year, y'all) - Andy Martin is running for president!

Who is Andy Martin? Well, if you live in Illinois or Florida you might be familiar with him, since he's run for the Senate five times in the former and three time in the latter. He's also made a shot for Governor in both states, and has two previous tries for the presidency. In 1986 he wasn't feeling all that lucky so he just ran for the House in Connecticut.

What kind of a candidate was Martin? Here's a cute story; his '96 senate run came unraveled when it was discovered that in his Connecticut House race he had been the candidate for 'The Anthony R. Martin-Trigona Congressional Campaign to Exterminate Jew Power in America'. Floridians apparently felt that was overly verbose.
As you can see from the above Sean Hannity screen grab, he is also an 'Author' and a 'Journalist'. His published output consists of one diatribe published in July 2008 entitled 'Obama: The Man Behind the Mask'. That book was quite influential to a certain audience, that audience initially consisting of Sean Hannity and his listeners. Andy was ahead of the pack with the allegations on Obama's Kenyan birth, Moslem faith, and deep friendship with Bill Ayers. Hannity appropriated the theories for himself and never looked back.
Aside from appearing on Sean Hannity's show, Martin keeps himself busy filing hundreds of lawsuits. His legal success has been roughly equivalent to his electoral success, so I guess Chrissie O'Donnell is right in her assumption that running for office is a decent way to make a living. (Cute story #2: When Martin - who's been banned from filing lawsuits in Florida - filed for bankruptcy in 1983, his petition called the judge "a crooked, slimy Jew who has a history of lying and thieving common to members of his race")
Martin calls himself the 'King of the Birthers', which brings up yet another cute story; after Hannity and the other guys totally ripped off his whole Kenyan thing, he declared that it wasn't true anyway. He revealed that Obama's real father was Frank Marshall Davis. Davis was an American, which is a plus, but also a Communist, so it all works out. No one but CNN ever reported this happy variation, so Martin surely can't be faulted for reclaiming royalty.
"I'm going to have a tremendous impact on the presidential election, not because I'm the frontrunner. Clearly I'm not," Martin observes, in a strained effort to confirm his sanity. "But I'll be driving the agenda in the Republican Party."

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