Saturday, January 22, 2011

trendsetter of the week

Michele Bachmann has proven to be quite the trendsetter with her decision to present an alternative State of the Union rebuttal speech. Bachmann, who has been frustrated in her attempts to infiltrate the GOP leadership, vowed that she would not be thwarted in her God given right to rebut the president.
"This is nothing personal against Paul," Bachmann claims, referring to GOP Budget Chairman Paul Ryan, who will be giving the official rebuttal. "But lets face it, the man is a bit of a dweeb, isn't he? I mean, I don't see founding father when I look at him, it's more like 'Happy Days'. Yeah, who was that kid Richie used to hang out with, Potsie?"
Although there are currently no plans for Bachmann's address to be televised, it will be streamed live from the Tea Party Express website - which is almost as good - and rebroadcast repeatedly for the next three days wherever Sean Hannity is available.

"Just gather the whole family around the computer and get ready for what I guarantee will be the best speech of the evening," assures Bachmann. "I can be quite the fiery orator, and I feel the heat building. After Obama tries to feed you all his Socialist crap, and then you listen to Potsie drone on, you're going to need me. I probably shouldn't say that Paul drones on, because he does have some important stuff to say, but it is like having to eat you vegetables before you can have desert, which is me."
Reacting to the news that two House members were giving rebuttals, Senators Pat Toomey and Jim DeMint announced that they would be giving Tuesday rebuttals as well, with Toomey's being streamed from the Club for Growth website, while DeMint's will be broadcast on the NASCAR Network. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie also plans a rebuttal, to be streamed from the Domino's website, and Sarah Palin announced that she intends to tweet her rebuttal concurrently with the President's speech.

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