Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rumsfeld:  I just learned the word 'bling' about a month ago. … Whenever you learn a new word, you have to use it four or five times so it gets fixed in your head, and so I've used it, probably imperfectly from time to time, but I've used it."

POLITICO: “Can you use it in a sentence for us?”

Rumsfeld: "I can: When she arrived in the office, I noticed she was well blinged."

"This year has been quite a tough one," said Snoop Dogg upon hearing about the increasingly hip former Defense Secretary. "First Nate Dogg dies on me and now Rumsfeld is dropping words like blinged. It's been a bad couple weeks, without a doubt. You probably expected me to say 'fo shizzle' but if Rumsfeld is going to speak like that, I'm speaking the queen's English and taking up the banjo."

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