Thursday, April 21, 2011

get happy

Johnny, we hardly knew ye... Sure, he was a lousy senator, but as
a philanderer he was downright inspirational. Still, the thing I'll
remember most about John Ensign was his brilliant portrayal of
Leland Palmer on 'Twin Peaks'.


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  2. At least Ensign's not...mormonic, or a zombie such as Angle. The usual demopublican righteous indignation is as nauseating as like the Book of Mormon aka Book of Mendacity itself

    And Sugar-Tits McGee aka Miss Hampton--not a bad lookin' piece of snatch, at least 'fore Sen got a hold of her.

  3. Yeah Wow; That "white rhythm" thing he did was Oscar worthy.
    And Fearguth and I still hate you, Mark.