Tuesday, August 9, 2011

like Orson Welles in 1970

Perhaps my most legitimate complaint about the fairness of life is the paucity of awards and honorifics bestowed upon me, a condition which has left me loathe to ignore one, even if it's acceptance will require some small labor on my part.
And so I am compelled to respond to the recognition afforded me by World of Crap - a wonderful blog which is nearly as long in the tooth as FGAQ but none the worse for wear - of the apparently prestigious Liebster Blog award. To demonstrate that I can cut and past every bit as well as WOC's Scott C, I shall quote his quote from Ivan at Thrilling Days of Yesteryear:
“Liebster,” in the German and Spanish vernacular, means “beloved”…According to the Liebster Blog Award guidelines, I’m to link to the blog what gave me the award and then pass it on to five equally worthy candidates.
Well, that doesn't seem too hard, so here, in no particular order, are five blogs/bloggers which I've regarded with affection for long enough that the relationship can no longer be considered platonic.
Urantian Sojourn - Terry, Propogandee, and Michael are not only surprisingly literate, witty, and knowledgeable about even more than two or three things, they have some of the best graphic skills going. Every time I visit, I marvel that the experience is free, and yet, there is nary a Paypal button in sight.
driftglass - The situation is reversed 180° for driftglass, who offers you the opportunity to donate with each and every offering. The truth is that his work is even worthier of your fiscal gifts than David Fucking Brooks, but it's amazing how easy those little buttons are to ignore.
thestain - Loving Katy is not easy work, and I've been laboring at it for a long time. She will go for weeks without posting one of her hilariously misanthropic pieces, and just when you've given up, there it is, a delicious all you can eat buffet of cruelty.
Zen Comix - Dave cruelly keeps most of his output under wraps these days, attempting to sell it for cash money (the pig), but sometimes he just can't help himself and a stray panel or two will suddenly appear like spring crocuses.
Mock, Paper, Scissors - Tengrain's blog is a wonderfully designed space reminiscent of the late, great Spy Magazine, and that is high praise indeed.
Playing with My Food - For years, I used to read Washington Post sportswriter (now TV personality!) Tony Kornheiser even if he was writing about something I didn't care a rat's ass for, like hockey. Which is kind of how I feel about my buddy Paul H's blog, which consists of dissertations on topics like, uh, smoked meats and artichoke hearts.
Okay, that's six (one more beyond the call of duty), although you could go with pretty much anyone on my blogroll and still have a good time. Now which way do I go for the awards party? And what do you mean BYOB?


  1. Don't tell anyone, but I've been known to work for beer.

  2. up Anne Romney's buttAugust 11, 2011 at 9:22 AM

    Yass, the C & L mob's got talent, kiddo. Real talent. Let's jus hope there's no Romneyites in there.

  3. Oh, I had no idea.

    Thanks for the award - I'm flattered.