Saturday, October 22, 2011

Romney lobs it back

It looks as though Rick Perry's attack on Mitt Romney's illegal lawn maintenance may be backfiring, leaving the Texas governor vulnerable to charges of rank hypocrisy. Not that double standards should in any way prove to be a problem in the GOP race for the presidential nomination, but still, as a new campaign ad for the Romney campaign points out, "it's tacky".
The sixty second ad features footage taken from a security camera outside of a Dallas Holiday Inn where according to the voice over "Rick Perry had repeated stays, even though it was widely known that they employed illegal immigrants."
"Mitt Romney didn't even know who was mowing his lawn, because it was happening outside his door," intones the narrator. "Rick Perry has no such excuse. Illegal aliens carried his bags and opened the door for him. Illegal aliens brought his room service meals under the cover of darkness. They may have even made his bed." The ad closes with a shot of an attractive young Hispanic maid in a short skirt winking at the camera.
"The Romney ad is beyond the pale," fumed Perry. "How am I supposed to know the status of all the workers at the Holiday Inn? Is that his point? I reckon so... Texas has seven million Hispanics and, uh, if Mitt's just trying to prove that I'm being a little bit hypocritical, then I guess I'd say this is a pretty effective ad... I'm gonna get you for this, Harvard boy."

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